Campus Da'wah Council or USWAH is a student activity unit in the field of Islamic spirituality in UPN “Veteran” Jakarta. USWAH was officially established on February 9th 2001 based on the Rector's Decree No.Skep.001/02/2001. USWAH, which was originally called the Moslem Mosque Lovers Association, started operating at Student Senate level under the Head of Spirituality.


Make USWAH to be the Center for Islamic Learning that is able to give birth to a young generation of Muslims who are intelligent, have good character and professional.


  1. To guide, maintain, collaborate as well as develop potential students and put high commitment to promoting Da’wah in campus environment.
  2. To build Islamic atmosphere and Akhlakul Karimah in academic community.
  3. To conduct Islamic education in order to achieve 10 Muwashofat for the cadres
  4. To provide information and accommodate aspirations in the Islamic World for the UPNVJ Academic Community



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