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Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Band “Veteran” Jakarta, abbreviated as UBV Jakarta, is one of student activity units in UPN “Veteran” Jakarta that deals in Music. This organization was founded in Jakarta on December 19th 1995 with the purpose of accommodating UPNVJ students in creativity, specifically in music.

During the academic period of 1992/1993, a band group was established in UPN "Veteran" Jakarta and they regularly performed in music events off-campus. One of the band members, Zulhar Mochdar, had the idea to share the creativity and opportunity to play music to other bands in UPNVJ as well to the regular students. This idea came to realization and a student activity unit that deals in music was established on December 19th 1995 called "UPN Band Veteran (UBV) Jakarta".
“Limitless Creativity” is the motto of UBV.

VISION     :

  1. To get achievements in the field of music
  2. To nurture UBV members into excellent human resources with vast music knowledge, the ability to play musical instruments, as well as learning how to manage an organization.


  1. Prepare every bands that will take part in festivals then evaluate them after.
  2. Participate in workshops regarding music and organization.
  3. Create schedules for the members to participate in music lessons and workshops.

Activity or program that was carried out by the organization on the academic period of 2014/2015 was a study tour to five different universities in order to expand our knowledge. There were also other events such as MUTANFESTIVAL’7 UPNVJ, Musik Pojok UPNVJ, Study Tour of Art Student Activity Unit UPN Jogjakarta and East Java, UBV 20th Diesnatalis, and many more.


  1. Music Studio
  2. Secretariat Room
  3. Operator/Recording Room


  1. 3rd place of AKROM Music Festival, Jakarta (1998)
  2. 2nd place of Youth Music Festival, Jabodetabek (1998)
  3. 1st place of Rock Music Festival, Jabodetabek (2000)
  4. Best Guitarist in Anti-Drug Event conducted by Polda Metro Jaya
  5. Backing music in UPNVJ art-collaboration (2000)
  6. Backing band on UPN Graha Jala Diwanna Diesnatalis (2000)
  7. Backing band in Traditional Music Festival conducted by Theatre Hijau Lima Satu (2001)
  8. 2nd place of Nasi Bungkus Music Festival, STIE Ahmad Dahlan (2006)
  9. Backing band on Sari Ayu new product launching (2007)
  10. 2nd place of Betawie Music Festival (2009)
  11. 2nd place of Meet The Expert Online Supertar (2010)
  12. Top 10 A Mild Sounstations Regional, Tangerang (2011)
  13. 1st place of guitarist and bassist Djarum MLD Blastout (2012)
  14. 1st place of SUMMER FESTIVAL UPNVJ (2013)
  15. Event Guest Star  at Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) “PRO INDIE” (2014)
  16. 1st place of Community Band, PT.Sampoerna (2014)
  17. 1st place across Indonesia on Indonesia Chart #IndonesiaProIndi, Radio Republik Indonesia (2014)
  18. Best 4 band at “A Mild-Goes To Soundrenalin” (2015)

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