Head Of Central Administration

Head of Central Administration

Head of
Research and
Community Service


Dr. Retno Dyah Kusumastuti, MSi

Head of
Educational Development
and Quality Assurance

Ketua LP3M

Satria Yudhia W., S.E., MS. Ak.

Head of Bureau

Head of Bureau :
Academic, Students Affairs
Planning, and Cooperation

Ka. Biro AKPK

Dr. Drs. Suyatno, MM

Head of Bureau :
General Affairs and Finance

Ka. Biro Umum & Keuangan

Drs. Sugeng

Head of Integrated Service Unit

Head of Library


Head of
Integrated Laboratory

Ka. UPT Perpus

Jayanta, S.Kom., M.Si.

Head of
Language Institution

Ka. UPT Bahasa

Dra. Devi Suprasti I., M.Hum

Head of
Information Technology and Communication


Sigit Pradana, ST, MT

Head of
Career Development and Entrepreneurship


Catur Nugrahaeni P. D., M.Kom

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