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Here is the description of Our Logo:

a. The shape of a convex pentagon with yellow color base. This symbolizes that UPN "Veteran" Jakarta constantly keeps up with the era in its role within the education sphere while also works as a guide, a supporter and a follower of the whole meaning contained within the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta logo.

b. The white blooming jasmine with two blossom petals. What this symbolizes:

  1. Represents the sanctity, purity and greatness of the nation personality whose fragrance spreads everlastingly.
  2. The bud with its five petals consolidated symbolizes the soul of Pancasila.
  3. The two blossoming petals symbolizes the act of seeking knowledge and serving the society.

c. The roaring flames on either side symbolizes high spirit and perseverance, as well as enthusiasm in achieving goals.

d. The furnace made of three black bars symbolizes the Three Pillars of Higher Education (Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi).

e. The white ribbon with the saying “WIDYA MWAT YASA” holds the meaning of “To seek knowledge with a pure, clear, sincere, and genuine heart in order to serve the country.”

f. The green steel helmet with a yellow five-pointed star on it reflects the UPN “Veteran” as an active monument of the Indonesian Veterans and an endeavor to inherit the values of 1945 to the upcoming generations.

g. Semi-circular text of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta shows that as a university, UPN “Veteran” is a place to build the awareness of the cadres to serve their knowledge for the interest and development of Indonesia.


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