PT Korpora Trainindo Consultant Opens Job Vacancy

In connection with the need for the company PT Korpora Trainindo Consultant which has been established since 2010 in the field of self-development, motivational training, and online training, PT Korpora Trainindo Consultant proposed cooperation as an internship and open job vacancies for students/alumni from the National Development University Jakarta veterans.

Following are the qualifications required:

Programmer & Web Programmer Qualification

Understand javascript, web base programming language & other programming languages

Able to work according to set deadlines

Have experience in developing applications

Ability to create android and ios applications is preferred

Understand Photoshop or other design programs

Willing to work in South Jakarta

Male - Male Max Age 23 Years

Sales Executive Qualification

Understand digital marketing

Able to call new and existing customers

Minimum education D3

Experience in the world of training is a plus

Can make articles into added value

Can work under pressure

Male or Female Max 23 Years

Willing to work in South Jakarta

Send your application to email: Vacancies close on 30 September 2019



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