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I.1   Student Regiment Background
The Student Regiment (well known as Menwa) is a civilian force that is trained and prepared to defend the Republic of Indonesia as Universal People’s Defense and Security System (Sistem Pertahanan dan Keamanan Rakyat Semesta). Menwa is a reserve component of the state defense and security that is given basic military training such as the use of weapons, combat tactics, survival, parachuting, military self-defense, military gymnastics, disguise, navigation and so on.


  1. As a component of the State forces, Menwa holds the role to plan, prepare, and arrange the students potential in every province level I, to carry out the function as the state reserve component;
  2. As a component of the public protection, Menwa holds the role to plan, prepare, and arrange the students’ potential in every province level I, to carry out the fuction as public protection (perlindungan masyarakat/linmas).
  3. As an exclusive student activity unit in the university, Menwa have the duty to raise patriotism and help the implementation of activities and other programs in the university.


  1. To prepare the students to have faith and morals as well as have ability in the knowledge, technology, and/or art fields, and an insights on patriotism to develop their potential to be productive individuals for personal life, the society, nation, and humanity;
  2. As a component of the State forces, Menwa takes part to implement and defend every Indonesia’s land and maritime territory;
  3. To help embed and work up on patriotism (Bela Negara) values among the society;
  4. To help the Indonesian National Army in the implementation of security in accordance with the constitution;
  5. To help the local government in public protection (perlindungan masyarakat / linmas);
  6. To help overcome the aftermath of natural disasters, shelters, and provide humanitarian assistance;
  7. To help with search and rescue on accidents;
  8. To help with the implementation a peaceful and orderly university environment together with all of the students;
  9. To help with the implementation of activities and programs in the university and other student activities;
  10. To deliver advices and considerations to the university, Regional Military Commander (Panglima Komando Militer / Pangdam) or Military Resort Commander (Komandan Resor Militer), and Governor.


UPN “Veteran” Jakarta is one of the platform that plays role in shaping the national generation’s soul and character in order to become reliable, nationalism-oriented, creative, and dedicated to welcome the better future. The awareness of patriotism (Bela Negara) is more focused and fundamentally universal; the implementation is more flexible in accordance to the current development that is oriented to the national interest, needs, and the state of citizen development. So as to nurture Indonesian citizens with the awareness of patriotism, national identity, and love for the homeland.

For that reason, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta Student Regiment, whose members have already been embedded by the awareness of patriotism (Bela Negara), are nurtured to shape and improve their personality into one with nationalism and loyalty, have the awareness of national defense as a way to improve Indonesia’s human resources as a whole, as well as a requirement in building the country’s defense system.

To prepare the students as the nation's intellectual generation and citizen with the ability and insights regarding the military for national defense as well as other skills that are utilized for broader society towards the full and intact development of individual talents and personalities.

Empower the members of Menwa to become competent and mature human beings, who have the conscience and sensitivity to have the courage to be involved in endeavors.

Strengthen the members' national identity as citizens of Republic of Indonesia.

Nurture the members so they are strong both mentally and physically, and highly disciplined as the National Cadres.

Have the members to be trained by soldiers in order to raise their potential in national defense and security.

Cultivate model behavior and character everywhere in an effort to create a safe and conducive environment.

Form and hone their awareness of changes that can harm other individuals on a large scale.

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