Martial arts is flourishing in the last few years and will continue to grow due to more Dojos started martial art classes. One of them is Ju-Jitsu, this martial art has its own uniqueness. At UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Ju-Jitsu became a Student Activity Unit on December 19th 1992, by Toni Hariyanto from the Faculty of Naval Architecture. Solidarity and loyalty are instilled in the members' heart so that Ju-Jitsu can survive until today.


  1. DKI Jakarta Provincial Youth and Sports Trophy as the General Champion at the UPN "Veteran" Student Level in Jakarta
  2. 3rd place in Class D Women at UNESA OPEN IV SURABAYA
  3. 3rd place in Class F Men at INDONESIA JU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2012
  4. 3rd place in Class F Women at UNESA OPEN VIII SURABAYA




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