Badminton student activity of UPN Veteran Jakarta was established on July 19, 2002. This student activity unit is usually well known by students with the name of BUVEJA (Badminton Veteran Jakarta). The location of BUVEJA’s secretariat is at Dewi Sartika Building, Ground floor, Faculty of Computer Science. In this student activity units, students could spend and sharpen their hobbies and talents and turn this activity into an achievement.

Making this student activity as a forum to develop talents and achievements seeker in the field of badminton, so we could produce competent youth and sharpen their abilities as well as teaching about organization.

1.    To improve the performance of organization-management as well as members in order to create a united and family-oriented organization.
2.    To improve and sharpen the quality and ability of potential athletes.
3.    To participate in championships in order to gain experiences and improve the athletes' skill.
4.    To hold a championship be it in the faculty level, university level, and/or national level.
5.    To build partnership with other badminton student activity units in other universities.

1.    1st place of men’s single match in Universitas Trisakti

2.    1st place of men’s single match in Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta

3.    2nd place of men’s double match in Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta





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