Mash Classroom

MASH Classroom is a smart class technology that allows the learning process in one place to be followed by participants in different places interactively. MASH Classroom technology is also equipped with intelligent auto recording that allows learning activities to be recorded with precisely focus and well-edited automatically. The recordings can also be automatically saved and then shared directly with students without going through the manual editing process again. This is possible because of the support of intelligent tracking technology that is applied, which makes a camera installed in each of MASH Classroom to direct its focus on the movement of people in the class. No operator is needed for this system because everything runs automatically, so the class can run naturally. Students or participants who are not in one location can still interact with the presenters as long as the participants are in place with the support of MASH Classroom equipment. Not only that, video recordings of learning activities in class can be accessed through a portal that has been provided, so that students can stream live teaching anywhere. MASH Classroom can also make it easier for teachers to enter multimedia content. For example, 3D interaction or various other presentation support technologies such as displaying e-journals and digital libraries. Better digital display and audio support for MASH Classroom technology can also be used to optimize student concentration and understanding of learning material.

UPN "Veteran" Jakarta has 5 Mash Classrooms located in the Central Library, the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Economics & Business, and the Faculty of Engineering with the Master Room type.







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